In the modern age of mechanized farming and increasing populations we have developed technological advancements in how we grow food. We are able to create vegetables that grow larger and faster than before. Some are also able to resist frost, pests, drought, mechanical harvesting and a number of other things that can damage grown foods. This is usually done in one of two ways. One way is creating hybrids through manually pollinating different plant varieties of the same species with each. The other is through genetically modifying the seeds. Both of these produce the benefits previously mentioned. The down side is that these seeds are sterile. In other words once the plants grow, they are unable to naturally reproduce.

Heirloom seeds are natural “pure bread” seeds of a particular kind. Once grown into adult plants, they are able to produce seed pods and pollen in order to continue the species. This would of course be necessary in a long term survival situation. The down side is of course that pure species plants are more susceptible to all the conditions to which hybrids and genetically modified seeds are not. So if you want to have seeds in your pepper kit, they need to be of the Heirloom variety. Heirloom seeds can be purchased online and sometimes through organic farmers in your local area.