One of the things preppers like to stock up on is food. Canned goods last quite a while but cases of canned goods are heavy so it’s a pain to move them around if you have to reorganize your food stores or do an annual rotation to keep the food fresh. Another alternative is freeze dried foods which actually has the longest shelf life. Freeze dried foods are also very light because there is no water or moisture in the food. Most freeze dried foods actually taste pretty good and it’s nice to have a variety of tastes available in case of a long term emergency without worrying that it will go bad on you. However the down side is that it’s expensive – up to $10 per serving. If you are like many these days you can’t afford to have all of your food storage as freeze dried so you might be asking the question: “What is the cheapest food you can buy that will last a long time without going bad?” The answer is simply Ramen Noodles.

Ramen Noodles are also the perfect prepper food because the servings are individually packaged, they are very light and can be stuffed into a backpack easily. They are also easy to prepare. Just pore the contents into a pot of water and boil. What happens if for some reason you don’t have access to a fire or heat and can’t cook them? Not a problem. Just put them into a container, add the appropriate amount of water and wait about an hour – the noodles will soak up the water even without cooking!

So how much do they cost? I was at Sam’s Club (Walmart’s version of Costco if you aren’t familiar with Sam’s Club) a couple years back when I noticed cases of Ramen Noodles for sale there. A case of Ramen Noodles contains 36 individual packages for a total around $6-$8. If you do the math, that is only 16-22 cents per package. Technically each package contains 2 services so that brings it to a low 10 cents average per serving. That is as cheap as it gets. Sure large quantity of rice might come in close to that price, however for a prepackaged food which includes a flavor pack (rice by itself is pretty bland) Ramen Noodles can’t be beat.

Will these packages fill you up? I’m a big guy (over 300 pounds) and I love to eat. My hunger is easily satisfied on less than 1 package. If you are able to add meat of some kind (eggs, wild game, garden veggies etc) it goes even further. As an additional bonus, this food is so cheap that if you have room to store it, it could be used to give to others or as barter if a long term disaster occurred. So take my advice, find yourself a Sam’s club or Costco (or maybe even order online) and add cases of Ramen Noodles to your prepper food supply.