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Author: ModernPrepper

The Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe is a plant group that contains hundreds of variant species. The most well-known of these in the US is Aloe Vera which is used in a variety of health products. The Aloe Vera is a good plant to keep in your garden, especially if you live in hardiness zone 8-11. However the plant does not do well where frost or snow occurs during the winter as it is best suited for hot dry climates. If you live in the more northern zones, you can grow the plant in a small pot that can be moved inside during the...

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What Are Heirloom Seeds?

In the modern age of mechanized farming and increasing populations we have developed technological advancements in how we grow food. We are able to create vegetables that grow larger and faster than before. Some are also able to resist frost, pests, drought, mechanical harvesting and a number of other things that can damage grown foods. This is usually done in one of two ways. One way is creating hybrids through manually pollinating different plant varieties of the same species with each. The other is through genetically modifying the seeds. Both of these produce the benefits previously mentioned. The down...

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Disaster Scenario – Solar Superstorm

Most people in our society operate under the assumption that technology is the answer to all things, there is no problem technology can’t solve and short of some kind of nuclear holocaust or massive extinction level meteor strike we are on the path to the unstoppable advancement of mankind. While in most cases I tend to agree, technology is also modern man’s biggest weakness. What do you think would happen if everyone woke up tomorrow morning and the entire power grid was down and was going to remain down for a year or more? The end result would be...

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How long is food safe past the “use by” date? (you may be surprised)

I got into prepping around the year 1999. I heard about the “Y2K” bug that was going to send us into the stone age. One thing is for sure, if there was some kind of event that sent us back into the stone age, a very large portion of the population would die of starvation in short order. None of us have the ability and few have the knowledge to be able to grow enough food year round to feed ourselves, much less our family. I have an uncle that was going to make sure that all of us...

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