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Eating Wild Plants – Can You Eat Acorns?

Acorns are the small nuts that sprout from oak trees. Most people don’t think of acorns as a food source. However, they are just as nutritious as any other kind of nut. The problem is that acorns contain an abundance of a natural chemical called tannin. Tannin is not harmful but it gives acorns a very bitter taste. Some variations of acorns have less tannin and some have more. To make acorns more palatable, you have to do what’s called “leaching” the tannins out. There are a few ways to leach the tannins out of acorns. But first, you...

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Is Solar Power Practical For Our Modern Lifestyle?

Most preppers don’t like the idea of having our fates under the control of someone else because self-reliance is at the core of being a prepper. One of the things we would all love to be free of is the power grid and monthly electric bills. Solar Power is one of the ways in which we can come closer to achieving that goal. However, solar power technology isn’t yet at the point where it is as efficient as conventional means of power production. In other words, while on the grid, we have the luxury of being able to turn...

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Ramen Noodles – The Most Affordable Prepper Food

One of the things preppers like to stock up on is food. Canned goods last quite a while but cases of canned goods are heavy so it’s a pain to move them around if you have to reorganize your food stores or do an annual rotation to keep the food fresh. Another alternative is freeze dried foods which actually has the longest shelf life. Freeze dried foods are also very light because there is no water or moisture in the food. Most freeze dried foods actually taste pretty good and it’s nice to have a variety of tastes available...

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Disaster Scenario – Temporary Power Outage

Most power outages in the US are caused by storms. Usually outages are very localized and only last from a few hours to a day or two. However recent storms in the Washington DC area left tens of thousands without power for a couple of weeks. All this happened mid-summer during one of the biggest heat waves the country has seen in years. The outage covered such a large area that people had no services which require power and that also included water – that’s right; it takes electric pumps to put pressure in the water lines to pump...

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What Kind of Batteries To Use In Your Prepper Gear?

When it’s time to go get fresh “AA” or “AAA” batteries for your electronic devices, there seems to be numerous kinds to choose from: alkaline, ni-cd/ni-mh rechargables, lithium and others. But what is the difference between them and which is the best? Each kind of battery has pros and cons. Alkaline Batteries: 1.5 volts PROS easy to find anywhere nearly all electronics accept this battery as they are designed to CONS will corrode and/or burst at high temperatures (i.e. leaving them in your car in the summer) must be stored in moderate temperatures to last long prior to use...

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