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Why you DON’T want to use your bug out bag

  So lets say some type of disaster strikes (natural or man made) which disrupts the normal flows of society. Many peppers seem to have it set in their minds that its time to grab the bug out bag and head into the woods.  In fact, it seems like some of these people can’t wait to give that a go. But living out of your bug out bag should be a LAST RESORT, not “plan A”. Let me ask you a question – What do you call someone who has nothing but the clothes on their back (and whatever they...

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How to power your Bug Out Bag’s Electronics

How many preppers out there plan on adding electronics to their bug out gear? Sure everyone carries a flash light or two, but most probably don’t carry many real “electronics”. My bug out bag has a Ham Radio kit, small netbook computer, GPS, flashlight, laser rangefinder and a few other small electronics which all require batteries/power to run and/or require their batteries to be recharged on a regular basis for regular usage. Is carrying/using electronics in your bug out bag practical? I say not only is it practical, but it’s a necessity if you want any kind of advantage...

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What is the best flashlight for a prepper?

We all own a flashlight or two and I know a couple of preppers that actually have an obsession with collecting them. The obvious purpose of a flashlight is to provide light when it is otherwise dark so that you can see what you are doing. While all flashlights perform this task, there are other important things to consider when purchasing a flashlight for long term disasters. Many people only consider the price. As in they go to Walmart and purchase several $5 flashlights and check that off their prepper list. But flashlights are not all equal and there...

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What is the best watch for a prepper?

Most of the articles I write here on are not based on specific products but generally are focused on helping you make educated decisions in your prepping. However there are a few brand/model specific “gadgets” I have used for some time I feel are so superior to other items in their class that I think I should share the info. So I am going to introduce you to the best watch I have ever owned and explain why you may want to consider getting one for yourself. As a prepper, we all know we may sooner or later...

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How To Grow A Survival Garden

One thing all preppers seem to do is stock up on food for an emergency or long term disaster scenario. Some even stock up on seeds so that they can grow their own food once their emergency supplies run out. But surprisingly few preppers have ever actually tried to grow vegetables nor have they done the prep work, purchased the tools or have a real grasp on how difficult it can actually be to grow enough food even in normal conditions to survive year round. Preppers should realize it is very important to start growing their own food right...

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